Wait! Apple Trademark Shop Layout/Design!? So can you trademark anything now?

You have heard of trade marks, patents and copyright all at one point or another in the news and it seems most of the time it comes from the tech giant Apple. Apple really seem to stretch the limitation of trade mark, patent and copyright law when it comes to their business plan. And with this m... More >>

Marvel and DC, Comic Giants Overzealous Protection of Trademark "Superhero"

It is a common trend of large companies appearing to bully small business owners over the use of trade marks. Marvel and DC have recently been applying this to their joint registered trade mark ‘superhero’. DC and Marvel are the biggest brands in comic books and superhero franchises... More >>

Scotch Whisky Trade mark Registered in Australia is a Breakthrough!

Whether you prefer single malt, grain or blended, Scotch whisky (or "Scotch") is a drink enjoyed and cherished by many, from kings, to authors, to movie stars. It is a drink that you want to be the authentic experience. Which is why the registering of the trade mark in Australia is a ... More >>

New Dot London Top Level Domain Name Now Open For Registration!

On 29th April 2014 at 5pm,the Dot London registryopened for applications, enabling businesses to tie their brand to the capital with a .London domain name and registered Trademark owners take priority! Is this an opportunity to consider? London is one of the most famous and influential cities i... More >>

Google "Glass" Trademark rejected! Is it right?

By now you have most likely heard of Google's move into wearable technology in the form of head-mountedcomputer system GoogleGlass. More and more technology from Sci-fifilms is becoming reality, but what does it mean for trademarks? There are constant cas... More >>

Can You Lose Your Trade Mark?

What happens once I have my trademark? Trade mark registrations can technically be made to last forever, so long as you keep up to date with it. Just registering leaves you at risk of losing it in two ways: Revoked! This happens when you leave your trade mark unused, so with no evidence o... More >>

The Fall of a King: Candy Crush Developers Give Up on "Candy" Trademark in US

The power of negative internet publicity is evident as it seems that the peaceful protests of game developers, in a campaign known asCandy Jamhas stunted Kings resolve in the trademarking of 'Candy' in the US.The mark had only been approved on January 5th of this year but the spark of co... More >>

Candy Crush King Trademark "Candy". Is It Trademark Bullying?

It seems everyone is playing Candy Crush these days, you're hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of the addictive franchise. But this is unsurprising since Candy Crush has amassedhalf a billion downloads on Facebook and mobile devices alone and was the most downloaded app of 201... More >>

Can You Lose Your Trade Mark? Sega Just Have!

Sega, one of the worlds most famous arcade game producers have lost their rights to 'Shenmue' after a extended period of inactivity. Trade mark registrations can technically be made to last forever, so long as you keep up to date with it. Sega have recently shown what happens when you ... More >>

Trade Marks, bidding on keywords, Know your online rights!

There have been several cases over the past few months of companies making cases for trademark infringement based on the bidding of keyword searches on GoogleAdwords and other search engines. (Google Adwords removed their policy of excluding trademarked keywords in their bidding in 2008.) ... More >>

Calls for Community Trade Mark Renewal Fees to be Cut

As reported on World Trade Mark Review, there have been calls on OHIM to cut trade mark renewal fees. These exceed filing fees, are often more than a thousand pounds, and requires no examiner time or deliberation. Simply the press of a button. The prospects of such a voluntary reduction in budge... More >>

Word Marks? Logo Marks? What's The Difference?

So a trademark is your brand, which can be in a form of a word, picture, symbol, or a combination of these. Interestingly enough, 3D objects and sounds can also be registered aside from word trademarks and logo marks. What it does, is to seperate your brand from other goods and services that you... More >>

Lush v Amazon - the lessons for all businesses with a web presence

Alex: So plucky UK company LUSH has defeated the mighty US retail steamroller AMAZON in the UK court Mark: Yes, there were several parts to the case Alex: But it revolved around the LUSH trademark? Mark: Lush brought the case after it found Amazon bid on keywords containing ‘lush&rsquo... More >>

Is It Possible To Register A Trademark Worldwide?

There are 201 countries in the world and unfortunately, there's no single worldwide trade mark. So if you were planning to own trade mark rights worldwide, then you're going to have to file an application in each individually… two-hundred-and-one times... Don’t lose hope ju... More >>

Will You Trademark Your Next Big Idea

So you've got your company name, you are ready to go into business and get your dream rolling. The next smart thing to do is own a trademark for your brand. That’s theTMyou see superscripted beside the logos of your favorite brands. For starters, your logo, name or whatever it maybe, i... More >>

Pinterest Making A Trademark Blunder

If, like me, you spend any time social networking, maybe sharing a new recipe or checking out a new gadget or car. Then you may have heard ofPinterest– the fast growing US photo sharing website that lets you and others pin photographs to a virtual board. What you might not know, isPinter... More >>

Android KitKat - isn't that trademark infringement?

Me) So the clever marketing people at Google have decided to call the next Android Operating System KitKat. This after the current version was called Jelly Bean. My wife) But isn't KitKat trademarked? I can see Jelly Bean is a type of sweet, not a brand, so anyone can use it and no one can t... More >>

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