Press Release: 90% of Companies Trading Online Have No Trade Mark & Are Risking Livelihoods

In 2012 a shocking number of businesses, around 90%[1] of SMEs, are putting their livelihoods at risk by trading online without a trade mark, estimates Trade Mark Direct, the UK’s leading trade mark company. It can cost a company thousands to re-brand. The cost to Frazer Evett, from Christ... More >>

An Apple a Day in Trade Mark Law

Barely a day goes by without Apple Inc. taking on another business in a corner of the world to protect its brand. This time its focus is directed at New Zealand and a Kiwi entrepreneur, Hayden Crowther, who sells ‘driPhone’ smart phone cases. Mr Crowther has been selling the driPhone... More >>

A Prime Time to Register Your Trade Mark

If you were one of the thousands of parents across Britain who bought a Tranformers Optimus Prime this Christmas you might be interested (or not!) to know that its toy maker, Hasbro, has filed a suit against computer company, Asus, for alleged trademark violation regarding the use of the name &l... More >>

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