Apple trade marks the look of its stores in the EU

Retailstorelayouts capable of trade mark protection, according to the EUCourt of Justice Applehas been successful in registering a US trade mark in relation to a three-dimensional trade mark, consisting of the representation of astorelayout,for Class 35 services, namely, ‘retailstoreservi... More >>

Leicester family of counterfeiters jailed

A family running a clothing manufacturing business in Leicester has been sentenced to jail and made to repay earnings made of manufacturing counterfeit clothing, covering 27 trade marks, which include those of Hugo Boss, Nike and Lacoste. The family admitted to offences under the 1994 Trade Mark... More >>

Mt. Gox put Bitcoin Trademark and Domain up for sale.

In March this yearone of the world's leading Bitcoin exchanges, Mt Gox collapsed after being hacked for a second time. The Tokyo-based company filed for bankruptcy protection and admitted it had lost around 850,000 Bitcoins due to hacking. At the time their worth was £330m, altough si... More >>

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