Mt. Gox put Bitcoin Trademark and Domain up for sale.

In March this yearone of the world's leading Bitcoin exchanges, Mt Gox collapsed after being hacked for a second time. The Tokyo-based company filed for bankruptcy protection and admitted it had lost around 850,000 Bitcoins due to hacking. At the time their worth was £330m, altough si... More >>

Wait! Apple Trademark Shop Layout/Design!? So can you trademark anything now?

You have heard of trade marks, patents and copyright all at one point or another in the news and it seems most of the time it comes from the tech giant Apple. Apple really seem to stretch the limitation of trade mark, patent and copyright law when it comes to their business plan. And with this m... More >>

Marvel and DC, Comic Giants Overzealous Protection of Trademark "Superhero"

It is a common trend of large companies appearing to bully small business owners over the use of trade marks. Marvel and DC have recently been applying this to their joint registered trade mark ‘superhero’. DC and Marvel are the biggest brands in comic books and superhero franchises... More >>

Scotch Whisky Trade mark Registered in Australia is a Breakthrough!

Whether you prefer single malt, grain or blended, Scotch whisky (or "Scotch") is a drink enjoyed and cherished by many, from kings, to authors, to movie stars. It is a drink that you want to be the authentic experience. Which is why the registering of the trade mark in Australia is a ... More >>

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