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For seven years Trade Mark Direct have been market leaders in the UK, one of the most innovative and competitive trade mark markets in the world.

Now through sister company LawPanel we're making available new and advanced versions of our award winning systems. This is a complete solution for any attorney wanting to run their firm online, from marketing and potential client engagement, to online instructions, searches, payments, exchange of information with clients, notification of status changes once filed. The entire process of serving clients can be run simply and smoothly online with a truly paperless system.

The benefits for firm and client are enormous. Faster and more efficient services can be delivered from anywhere, and with less administration and direct cost, leading to higher revenues and better margins. With all information available online staff can work remotely reducing travel and raising quality of life. Trade Mark Directs staff have on occassions been spread across 4 different continents!

The most obviou and effective of these tools is our US patented search tool which can now be put on any website in a few minuted with one line of code! So visitors to your site can get instant search results and indication of whetehr a mark is registrable or not. This is not just an identical match search, but checks for aural and visual similarity. So a search for BITE THE SUN identifies SUNBITES as to similar, or on a search for BUE CECIL the system knows CECILBLUE could be a problem.

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