Barclays - what-is-ip-and-why-is-it-important-to-startups

Trade Mark Direct's founder Mark Kingsley-Williams was recently asked by Barclay's to provide start-ups with advice on IP. Here's a short video clip with some of the highlights. Morekeyboard_arrow_right

Apple trade marks the look of its stores in the EU

Its not just words and symbols that can be trademarked, retailstorelayouts capable of trade mark protection, according to the EUCourt of Justice Appleis probably the best known firm to have registered the look of their stores, as well as devices. With US trade mark in relation to a three-dimens... Morekeyboard_arrow_right

Trademark Registration dispute over Keep Calm and Carry On

Trademark Registration dispute over Keep Calm and Carry On

WE NEED YOU! Join us to fight for the right of UK businesses to use the much loved slogan ‘KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON’ When ‘KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON’ was used by the British Government in 1939, Britain was facing a possible invasion. Today, we are seeing the long arm of Europ... Morekeyboard_arrow_right

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