A Trade Mark Can Stop Fakes Ruining Your Business

Fake goods are nothing new but a trade mark can stop a rogue competitor in their tracks.

Professional Golf Europe (PGE), a leading manufacturer of high end Golf equipment with brands such as VEGA and Radius putters, recently took action against a Chinese supplier selling fake versions of PGE's merchandise on Ebay.

“Once we alerted eBay to our trade mark they removed the offending items from sale, but without it we wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on,” said Peter Lord, Director of Professional Golf Europe (PGE).

PGE’s brands are trade mark protected worldwide, with the help of Trade Mark Direct, ensuring it can stop any infringements quickly.  This includes in the Far East (a fakers’ paradise) where it manufactures.

Amazon and eBay honour trade marks but a company must prove they have legal rights of ownership.

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