China's Trademark Applications Exceeds 10m

The number of applications submitted for trade mark registration reached over 10 million at the end of June 2012, ranking the first in the world, said this week.

China, the ‘workshop of the world’, is the choice for many UK companies when it comes to manufacturing goods.

It is the world’s top manufacturing country, having taken the crown from the US last year, and now accounts for almost a fifth of global manufacturing output.

However, while many UK companies are taking advantage of China’s cost-saving benefits many are unaware that even if they do not wish to sell their goods in China, they should register their trade mark there or risk someone else doing it first.

Registering a trade mark in a country outside the EU is a not an overly complex or costly process (for China the majority filed by Trade Mark Direct are from £400 - £800) and once your application has been made it has priority over any subsequent applications, mischievous or otherwise.

It currently takes one to two years to register a trade mark in China.

If you have not taken the necessary steps to protect your brand, be assured someone else will.


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