Leicester family of counterfeiters jailed

A family running a clothing manufacturing business in Leicester has been sentenced to jail and made to repay earnings made of manufacturing counterfeit clothing, covering 27 trade marks, which include those of Hugo Boss, Nike and Lacoste. The family admitted to offences under the 1994 Trade Marks Act and were prosecuted by Trading Standards. The repayment of sums amounts to £70,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.  

If you own an intellectual property right such as a trade mark, copyright, design or patent, then others cannot manufacture, use, sell or import it without your prior permission. If you detect a potential counterfeit or infringement case relating to your rights, we can assist you in review of the facts and setting out a strategy. For example, we can liaise with Trading Standards or send a trade mark infringer a so-called cease and desist letter.

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