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Since starting in 2008 we’ve quickly become the UK’s leading trade mark advice and registration company. We file and register more UK trade mark applications than any other firm as we have done in each of the last 3 years. This makes us the no.1 firm in the UK serving more than two thousand clients each year.

In May 2013 we launched our US service, www.trademarkdirect.com. Visitors to the site can make free initial clearance searches and then request specialist trade mark attorney advice and registration services from Root IP, a firm with considerable experience and a wealth of talent across Intellectual Property.

High quality, low cost online services

Trade Mark Direct was set up in order to make the highest quality advice from UK trade mark experts available at low fixed fees. We want registering a trade mark to be as simple and affordable as possible. Find out about our full range of trade mark services and fees.

Free clearance searches with our unique technology

Trade Mark Direct developed and built unique software to check the trade mark registries for similarity, so we pass on none of the costs of labour intensive manual searches. Our secure and confidential trade mark search technology has a US patent pending, so you won’t find this level of service elsewhere. Check the availability of your trade mark with our free search tool.

Our clients only pay if their application will succeed

Since 2008 Trade Mark Direct’s experts have submitted thousands of trade mark applications and we’re very proud to have maintained a greater than 98% success rate for applications for which we have offered our Money back guarantee on our initial advice fees. For those few applications which are refused for any reason, we provide our money back guarantee – all our fees are refunded.

Our free legal advice has also prevented many businesses submitting trade mark applications which would have been rejected by the examiners, saving them hundreds of pounds in non-refundable registry fees.

Trade Mark Direct is a member of The International Trademark Association

Who we are

Mark Kingsley-Williams, Founder & Director
Mark founded Trade Mark Direct in 2009, and within two years it was one of the most prolific filers of UK and EU trademarks. Trade Mark Direct uses the next generation IP technologies developed by LawPanel which Mark started in 2016.

Kate McCormick
Kate has more than 10 years trademark experience and has provided searches and advice on more than 20,000 trade mark applications. She has also advised on many contentious matters and offers clients considerable experience. Kate has previously been a solicitor and a regulated trademark attorney.

Janneke van Doremalen
Our client services manager, Janneke advises on issues around filing in the UK and internationally. She has a masters in law specialising in Intellectual Property and more than 7 years trade mark experience.

Elisa Monastero
Elisa has a law degree from studying in Italy and is a part-qualified trademark attorney with five years experience, the last three gained in London. 

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